5 Ayurveda facial Treatments for Real Brides to Look Radiant

Facial treatments are beneficial for the brides. Ayurveda treatment is the best option that helps to retain natural glow of the skin.

Ayurbeda facial in Bhubaneswar

Nothing can be better than an Ayurveda facial treatment for the multiple benefits that it brings in. According to research, Ayurveda balances mind, body, and soul together that will help to maintain health effectively. The Ayurveda treatment for the bridals has become popular these days. The designs are specially planned for the bridals. Since the wedding day is an important one and every woman wish to look the best on their big day and thus a little pampering will be worthy for the brides. Before opting for the treatment, it is better to take advice from an expert who will suggest the best treatment depending on the type of the skin.

Lepam – An herbal paste

This herbal paste is applied to the whole body of the bride and beneficial for the one who is suffering from skin problems such as dry skin issues, psoriasis, and others. Other ingredients like honey, rose water, milk can also be added to lepam. This paste gives a natural boost to the skin with a natural glow. In addition, skin problems such as acne, skin infections, pigmentations, and others can also be reduced with the help of lepam. If you are unable to get rid of the skin problems, this method is the ideal option before the bid day. You can look for Ayurveda facial in Bhubaneswar to get the best service.

Online Beauty Services Bhubaneswar

Pizhichil – a combination of oil massages and heat therapy

In this treatment, a cloth is soaked in lukewarm oil, and it is applied to the whole body, and thus this medicated oil is massaged over the body. Oil is applied to the body by intervals so that the oil is properly absorbed by the skin. Therefore, with the help of the treatment, the body can easily get rid of toxins and impurities. The Ayurveda facial in Bhubaneswar by bluedrake is the perfect one to get Ayurveda treatment. Moreover, this treatment helps to strengthen the muscles from within giving an excellent relaxing effect to the brides.


It is one of the best known Ayurveda treatments for the brides for the perfect natural glow on the skin. In this method, Navara rice is cooked cow’s milk and herbs, and it is turned into a paste-like consistency. The paste is converted into a clean cloth which is then applied to different body parts that lower stress enhances sweating. Additionally, nervous disorder and arthritis can also be treated with the help of this treatment.

Herbal Steam Bath

First herbal oil is applied, after which the body is exposed to herbal steam. It helps to produce sweat, and it helps to body to get rid of impurities. The steam bath helps to remove impurities from liver and kidneys. For increased body flexibility and hide inflammations, this process is the best option. This naturally helps to enhance the glow of the skin.

Luxury facial


The bride should get adequate rest with a soothing massage and thus applying Ayurveda oil on the hair and scalp will help to get rid of many ailments such as insomnia, lower problems of hair loss and others. By applying oil on the neck, shoulder, spine, the treatment will be able to help the bride relax.







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