How can I get a full HD makeup look near Bhubaneswar?

In need of HD makeover? You are suggested to keep reading on for further details on this front.

A salon doesn’t count on the list of necessary that can offer significant importance to the everyday lives of individuals. But, a salon might be of significance for women. This is true because of the fact that a parlor offers great opportunities for women to enhance their overall look. There’s no denying how looking presentable has become a significant factor in today’s digitalized world. So, when you pay a visit to a friend’s house or visit a wedding, looking presentable is what remains to be prevalent. While you can perform massage therapy in looking presentable, you cannot deny the importance of makeover.

Bridal Makeup

A makeover is just not a process of looking better than normal. It is also an art that promotes the enhancing beauty of a woman. So, when you wish to get Hd makeup in Bhubaneswar, the below-offered things should be focused. Make sure that you follow the below-offered tips. To know more, keep reading on.

  • Should never apply foundation before moisturize

You should never forget to moisturize your skin before applying the foundation. As a matter of fact, Hd makeup in Bhubaneswar by bluedrake can help you get a unique opportunity of getting the best makeover regardless of whatsoever occasion. You should always stay close to the natural skin toner. Using a brush instead of your fingers would be a justifiable idea of proceeding further.

HD Makeup in Bhubaneswar

  • Know the Importance of Concealer

You should know the importance of concealer. The use of concealer would help you get rid of wrinkles and dark circles. Suppose you have any imperfection in your skin, in that case, you can actually make the best use of a concealer. It will enhance the overall glow of your skin.

  • Mattifier helps in minimizing pores

Using a Mattifier will help you in minimizing the pores in your skin. This helps in hiding the fine lines or the large pores present on your skin. Wondering how to get rid of the pesky oily areas of your skin? Then, you can get hold of a Mattifier. In this case, you can use your finger in order to take a small amount of the product and apply on your face effectively.

  • Powdering the face

After you apply a foundation, it is necessary for you to blend it on your face. The use of the colorless powder can help you get a smooth texture. All you require doing is to apply the colorless powder on your skin. However, you should also make sure that you pay close attention to the areas around chin, eyes, forehead, and nose.

Best Salon in Bhubaneswar

  • Use of Lipstick

Applying lipstick is one of the most prevalent ways to enhance your overall look. A lipstick might not count on the necessary things required to be kept inside your makeup kit. But with the help of lipstick, your overall look gets more prominence.

Wrap up

Thus, this comprises everything to know about the HD makeup and how one would be able to get it effectively.


Why Bluedrake is counted as the Best salon in Bhubaneswar?

Wondering which is the finest parlor in the Temple City of India? Here’s introducing it.

Best Salon in Bhubaneswar

There’s no denying the importance of appearance in today’s fast-paced world. Every individual goes the whole nine yards in building a great personality and getting that first terrific impression. That’s why the importance of a salon comes into being. Now that people pay more attention to looking presentable, it is necessary to know the services of the stand-alone parlor, if you’re living in Bhubaneswar. If you want to know more, here’s introducing the importance of Bluedrake.

 Bluedrake Services Offered

  • Facial

Facial not only promotes relaxation but its benefits also include noticeable improvements for toning the skin. It is also beneficial for a superb texture and appearance of your face. Bluedrake walks that extra mile in offering the best methods for facial. Now that looking presentable has become a pivotal factor, why not concentrate on the face firstly? To do so, Bluedrake is the best salon in Bhubaneswar, gives you an incredible range of opportunity to consult the team and get your treatment done.

Hair Treatment

When meeting someone for the first time, hair becomes the most prevalent and noticeable factor. Shiny and beautiful hair always leaves an incredible first impression. This is why the necessity of proper hair is quite vital. And good hair care promotes significant health of the hair. Hence, it is necessary for you to trim your hair regularly.

Body Care

Proper body care promotes the health of your skin. Your skin is touted as one of the most essential areas of your body. And it becomes hard to regularly protect your hair from damages and pollution. Therefore, the body care from this parlor would help you get what you want. The total nourishment of your skin can be received only when you proceed to take help from these experts.

Bridal Makeover

There’s no denying the importance of bridal makeover, especially for women. After all, every woman wants to look prim and proper on her big day. So, if you’re residing in Bhubaneswar, the best option happens to be this parlor. They offer the best makeover kits in order to enhance your look on the gala day.


A regular massage therapy can offer a tremendous range of benefits to every individual. From promoting the moment of relaxation to reducing the muscle tension, a proper massage therapy is excellent in reducing chronic pains. This parlor is best in the city that offers great massage therapy and treatments.

Online Beauty Services Bhubaneswar

Special Packages

The team of experts in this parlor offers a wide range of special packages that would never undermine your pricing. The founder just knows the right ways of making the business flourish with flying colors. Hence, they go the whole nine yards in offering discounted offers and deals with their packages.

Wrap up

Now that you are enlightened with the services by Bluedrake, why wait more? Just visit the parlor and taste your own inquisitiveness regarding makeover.


3 Ayurbeda Facial Treatments in Bhubaneswar for Real Brides to Look Radiant

Ayurvedic treatment has plenty of benefits for brides-to-be. It helps relax stress and enhances look from within.

Ayurvedic treatment is considered the best when your big wedding day is around the corner. It is important for the bride to look the best as she will be the center of attraction for the day. Ayurvedic treatment is considered the best treatment and a traditional form of medicine that would work the best on brides-to-be. Though bribes might wish to experiment with new makeup predicts and facial treatment, it is better to get the one under an experienced. Getting it done in the wrong way might result in some health problems. Also, using this treatment would ensure that it is free of chemicals and it would not result in additional skin related issues.

D-tan Facial kit - Whitening Facial

Therefore, several treatment salons are available in the market. It is important that you get hands with the right one who can suggest you the right treatment process. So, you can seek assistance from Ayurbeda facial in Bhubaneswar that ensures quality treatment for the brides-to-be.

Types of Ayurvedic facial treatment

Pizhichil/ Herbal Oil Bath

This is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments that combine long hour oil massage coupled with heat treatment. Here, lukewarm water is used and it is applied with the help of the cloth. The oil is then squeezed all over the body and a massage is given at the same time. The oil is constantly applied on the skin until it is completely absorbed by your skin. To get rid of body toxins and impurities completely, this therapy is the best one. This is suitable for brides-to-be to help relax. In addition, it helps to strengthen their muscle appropriately. So, it is better to opt for Ayurbeda facial in Bhubaneswar by bluedrake to get proper treatment.

Online Beauty Services


This is another excellent bridal treatment which is best to give a natural touch to your skin. Also, it helps to strengthen your nerves. In this process, navara rice is prepared and cooked in cow milk along with herbs. It is made into a paste and put inside a cloth. After this, the bundle prepared is applied to different body parts. It helps to reduce the overall stress level and result in sweating. According to findings, this treatment help reduces many nervous disorders including arthritis.

Ayurbeda facial in Bhubaneswar


It may be common that the bride is not getting enough sleep at night. But it is important for the bride to get enough sleep for her big day. It is important to let relax your senses that can be done with help of soothing massage especially on neck, shoulder, and spine and head area. In addition, it is also important to apply it on the scalp that would make the bride feel more relaxed. To get rid of problems like insomnia, premature grey hair, headache, this method is the suitable one provided it is done in the right manner.

Other than the above mentioned one, herbal steam bath is also an excellent option. In this, the whole body would be exposed to the steam bath and the bride would feel relaxed. Therefore, get the treatments from an experienced salon.


Top trends in Body Massage & Spa Treatments every Girl should try out in 2019

Massage and spa treatments are getting popular among the people. Before following the current trend one needs to check all the essential factors.

Body Massage & Spa in Bhubaneswar

The body massage and spa are essential for everyone. The primary objective of the treatment is to provide the essential rejuvenation to the body. The treatment also releases stress from the body. One should go for the treatment at least once in 15 days. There are several types of treatments are available. The most popular treatment is the Ayurvedic treatment.  Ayurvedic treatment also has different types. We get to know about the treatment from ancient Indian history.

People are more aware of the massage and spas. One would easily find the Body Massage & Spa in Bhubaneswar. One needs to take suggestions from the expert before opting for the treatment. The treatment incorporates several unadulterated natural ingredients. The natural ingredients provide adequate food to the skin. The treat provides a massage that helps to normalize the blood circulation. The blood circulation helps to build a stronger and leaner muscle of the body. The normal blood circulation wards off several diseases. It helps to release joint and muscle pain. The treatment is beneficial for the people as it cures diseases like arthritis.

Best Salon in Bhubaneswar

Advantages of the Treatment

Body Massage & Spa in Bhubaneswar by bluedrake suggests choosing the treatment. The treatment provides immense benefits to the skin. In order to maintain healthy skin, one needs to go through skin treatment. As the treatment provides adequate nutrients to the skin that makes the skin look young for a longer time. The proper skin treatment slows down the early aging. The high end make up cannot hide all the fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and freckles. These imperfections are visible even through the makeup. To look flawless one needs to have healthy skin. The treatment is designed for both men and women as everyone needs to stay well groomed.

Online Beauty Services

Things to Consider

Before opting for any beauty service one needs to learn about the process. One should go through the customers’ reviews before opting for a salon. A reputed and reliable place is needed for the treatment. The treatment deals with human health and one should not compromise with the ingredients that come in contact with skin. Before choosing the treatment one needs to book an appointment with the expert. Take suggestions about what treatment will be appropriate for you, and then should the detailed account of the ingredients they are using. You need to learn what steps you are going through during the treatment are. You should stay aware of about the ingredients whether they are fresh and authentic.

Lastly, one should be aware of that price point of the treatment. One needs to compare the salon for finding the affordable option. One can get the best treatment at a very affordable price. One should take their physician’s opinion regarding the treatment. Coming to the trend, Ayurvedic treatments are widely popular across the world as the treatment uses a number of ingredients that are beneficial for health and skin.


5 Amazing Health Benefits of going to the Body Massage & Spa centers in Bhubaneswar

Beauty treatment is compulsory therefore you should read the article to know more about the beauty regimen.

Online Beauty Services Bhubaneswar

In today’s hectic world, people are running out of time.  They have hardly had time for taking care of themselves. Hectic working hours can decrease the level of the energy level. Other than that, it disrupts the healthy lifestyle. Not only it disrupts the moods but also it can lead to the mood swings also. Therefore, all you need is to relax and give yourself time to regain a healthy lifestyle. Pamper yourself with a good amount of time spending in the beauty clinic. The beauty clinic will certainly help you to get the best result. A day spent at the beauty clinic will improve your physical as well as mental health.

The five most amazing benefits of the massage and spa

  • Get rid of stress and anxiety

If you want to get rid of the stress and anxiety from your hectic life, then all you need to do is to visit the parlor to have a splendid treatment. The Body Massage & Spa in Bhubaneswar comes with various services. It will certainly give you ultimate relaxation and it will uplift your mind also.            

  • Improve your health

The Bluedrake body massage & spa in Bhubaneswar comes up with the various facilities including facial, stimulation process to circulate the blood in the body. In that way, it brings out the best beauty regimen which can help you to boost your health. In addition to that, you will certainly feel rejuvenation after the procedure. The researchers find it out that the muscles get extended and help to reduce the toxins.

  • Slowing down the aging process

The beauty regimen will certainly help you to get the best result. If you like to continue the process for a regular basis, it will help the skin to generate the collagen which is important to reduce the fine lines of the skin.  In addition to that, it brings out the best version of the skin texture. The beauty regimen will certainly help you to look more beautiful than ever.

Body Massage & Spa in Bhubaneswar

  • Helping in the weight-loss journey

You will amaze to know that the beauty regimen can actually help to reduce the weight.  The scrubbing, rubbing the skin generate healthy blood circulation. Therefore, it will certainly help you to reduce your weight.

  • Helps in exercising

There is various skin routines present in the clinic which encourage the clients to do some physical activities.  Specific yoga, meditation can also boost your health. In addition to that, the regularity and constant physical activity combined with beauty treatment can improve your lifestyle also.

Online Beauty services

On a final note, you should visit a consultant to get the best result. The constant effort can help you and you will observe the changes in you. Therefore, you should do not stop to visit the clinic to get the treatment. It will help you both physically and mentally to get back your healthy lifestyle. You need to remember that the health the ultimate thing and you need to care properly. In addition to that, visit the best clinic to get the ultimate result.


The popularity of online beauty service is growing rapidly. Especially during the time of occasion, everyone wants to look presentable. They prefer the website based facilities to beautify them. The Valentine’s Day is special for the people who have a planned for a dinner date. Apart from that many people get engaged on that very day. Therefore, a significant number of people have plan for the day.  Like every year, 2019 is equally special; hence there will be rage to appear presentable for the Valentine’s Day. To look presentable and decked up, one follows a regular beauty routine. Nowadays, regardless of age and gender everyone wants to look good.


People go through certain skin and hair care regime to look presentable. However, due to lack of time people cannot maintain regularity as skin and hair care are essential for everyone. But online beauty services have become great saviors for those who always run short of time. As they offer facilities like coming to your home for your skin and hair care regime. One needs not to travel to the salon regarding the grooming. Apart from that, this facility has reduced the labor of commuting after a long hectic day.

Online Beauty Services Bhubaneswar

The advantage of Choosing Website based Grooming Facilities

The online beauty services by bluedrake offer the facility of coming to the home and provide the best treatment to skin and hair. Their website is also user-friendly so that one can easily book a facility. Their facility is also swift and their availability is good; so, one can get the facility at home. Their experts are agile and always well equipped, the won’t bother you for arranging the set at your place. They provide every type of services like any other salon. One can ask for facial, pedicure, manicure, hair spa, etc. at home. After finishing the work, they do all the necessary clean up so that one needs not to have to bother for cleaning all the mess.

Best Salon in Bhubaneswar

The website based grooming facility also provides hygiene in order to maintain their reputation. They provide disposable product, washed towel, branded products to their customer as they do not compromise with health. Their availability is another advantage one can experience as they offer their facilities on the holidays. So that, one can avail their facility after a weeklong workload. They also provide a certain discount on their facilities for every occasion.

bridal makeup

While the Valentine’s Day is around the corner regardless of age and gender people want proper grooming to surprise their loved one. Speaking of men, they are careless about their looks throughout the year. But on that very day, some of them want to become presentable. But for that, they feel lethargic to commute to the salon after weeklong hectic labor. In that case, they prefer the website based grooming facility as the facility offers every type of service regarding men’s grooming. The brownie of this facility is that one can book this facility on the weekend and a home-based facility always save the time.


Get glammed up for your special day with Bridal Makeup

Every girl wants to look absolutely glam on her special day. Here are some of the makeup ideas that can ensure a stunning look for the bride.

Bridal Makeup

When it comes to the wedding day, every girl has big plans not only regarding the ceremony, and location but also for the outfits and makeup. It is the day when all eyes are on you and you want to look nothing short of the best. From choosing an experienced makeup artist to selecting your look for the day, it is a really exciting and happy process. So, are you looking for ideas for that ultra-glam look for your wedding? Here are some of the ideas to get you all glammed up for that big day.

Go for all natural look

You can rock minimal look and still appear glam enough for the special day. For the all-natural Bridal Makeup, go for fluttery lashes with false eyelashes and a heavy dose of mascara, fresh-faced base, and sculpted arched brows. It is like a dream combination and you can never go wrong with this look.

5Wedding Bridal Makeup

That hint of sparkle makeup

A hint of glitter never hurts anyone and more so, when it is your wedding day. It works perfectly to enhance and brighten your eyes. All you need to complete the look is a swipe of light lipstick and a rosy pink blush. The beautiful bridal makeup by by the expert professionals will help you achieve the glam look that you want for the big day.

The cat eyes and feathery lashes look

You can simply opt for highlighting your eyes and you can still look as glamorous as you want. You can keep your statement lashes appearing all chic by pairing it up with glowing skin and nude lip color. It is also a good idea to add some highlighting on your cheeks, Cupid’s bow, and chin with this subtle but stunning look.

The stunning rock-chic look

Bridal look need not always be paired exactly with the outfit that you choose. Ask your artist to give you a smoky under eyes look by applying eye shadow on the lower lash line with a cocoa color. Give a hint of sparkle on the upper eyelids. Keep your lipstick subtle and choose something in the light shade for this look.

The glowing like goddess look

A happy bride has that natural bright glow on her face and all that is needed is to enhance it a bit with the right products and application of those products. So, ditch the shimmering highlighter and opt for an illuminating base. You can also add a bit of liquid highlighter to your base if you do not have an illuminating foundation.

The bold lips and subtle eyes look

You will have to keep the eyes natural and subtle if you want to go for bold lips. Select the boldest shades of fuchsia pink, purple, and dark red for the lips and give just a touch of kohl and eye shadow on the upper lids and you are good to go.

Go ahead and select your look of the day from among these ideas and look absolutely like the glam bride.

Hottest Bridal Wedding Makeup Trends for Winter Brides

Winter is the time for weddings and new makeup trends. If you are looking for makeup ideas for the big day, here are a few for you to try out.

The chill in the air not only signals the beginning of winter but also heralds the most popular time for tying the knot. Every bride surely has the most fashionable outfits already chosen and lined up for the big day. It is now time to ensure that your makeup also keeps pace with the ongoing trends of the season. Here is a list of the top trends in makeup that every winter bride must try out.

Bridal Package

Go for a minimalistic look

Minimalistic look is the latest in-thing and bridal makeup for wedding is no exception to that. This kind of look is perfect for the girls who will be wearing heavy attire and jewelry and do not prefer too many products on their face. It is time to bring out the natural beauty of your face with sheer lips and subtle eyes. If you feel that is too less for you, then you can only highlight your eyes or lips for that striking effect.

Opt for smoky eyes

Smoky eyes are one trend that has never gone out of fashion. Go for the bridal makeup for wedding by and their experienced professionals to give you colored smoky eyes. The usual charcoal and dark grey eyes have been done too many times now. So, go for something different like shades of green or blue. You can even opt for purple since it is a universally flattering color.

Pre bridal Package

The high-fashion metallic colors

If you want to steer clear of the smoky eyes look, go for shades of silver or gold on the eyes for getting the edgy look. The best thing about using metallic colors is that they are flexible and can complement any outfit that you wear. Go for shades of silver or gold when you want an out and out glam look for your big day.

Go dramatic on the lashes

The natural lashes are out of fashion and you must opt for the falsies. Make the eyes look all striking and dramatic by putting false lashes on both lower and upper lids. Put on some mascara as a final touch and you will get that doll-like effect on the eyes. If you are a girl who is not scared to experiment a bit with the look, then you can also opt for colored mascara and ditch the usual black.

Home Saloon and spa

Drop the usual red lips

Gone are the days when wearing red lipstick with your red outfit was the in-thing. The contrast colors on the lips are rocking the scene now. Play it bold and opt for a hot pink color on the lips when your outfit is a beautiful red. For the bride who wants to stand out on her wedding, wearing a bright orange lipstick with pink sari or Lehenga is also a good idea. Since berry lips are also quite in, you can also opt for plum, strawberry, or raspberry colors.

Try out these amazing ideas on your big day and look like the stunning bride that you are.

Bridal Makeup for Wedding bbsr

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking the Pre Bridal Package

Choosing the right wedding package can be challenging g enough. Take advice from salon expert to look the best on the big day.

Finding the right pre-bridal package can be a challenging task, but you have to consider certain points that will help you to get the right package. Brides start searching for the best package soon after the wedding dates are finalized. Every woman wishes to look special on their big day and starting from makeup to dress including the pre-bridal sessions, make sure to get the right treatment. Some makeup and dressing trends are rolling on the internet and therefore, look for the best salon. Book the wedding makeup in advance to avoid any last minute rush.

Wedding makeup

Set a budget

The Different rates of professional wedding packages are available in the market and setting a budget is necessary. The budget will depend on the products used and the makeup artist. Thus, it is important to choose both the salon and the makeup artist carefully to get the best service. The salon offers are available from 15 thousand to 1 lakh rupees, and the bride should look for the Pre bridal Package depending on their budget.

bridal makeup artist

Check whether offers are available

Just before the wedding session, the salon provides offer along with wedding packages. When getting ready for the big day, the bride can take her sisters along. So, the bride can discuss these offer with friends to make it pocket-friendly. You can try pre bridal Package by Bluedrake to avail the best offers.

Wedding Bridal Makeup

Additional service included in a package

Hairstyle may or may not be included in the wedding package. Some wedding experts also guide the bride on how to select the right outfit for the big day along with matching accessories, jewelry, and others. Thus, it is necessary to choose the package that will help to deal with all these problems.

Bridal Makeup in Bhubaneswar

Deck up for all wedding ceremonies

When looking for the wedding service make sure that it includes all pre-bridal and post-bridal ceremonies. Starting from mehendi, sangeet to the wedding day and reception, the package should include all ceremonies. Though these packages are available in most of the salons, make sure that you opt for the right one.

Bridal Makeup bbsr

Get the perfect hairstyle

After choosing the perfect outfit and the jewelry for the big day, the hair should be done in the right manner so that the bride looks perfect. The bride can also show any hairstyle videos to the hairstylist so that he or she can do the similar hairstyle.

Online Beauty services bbsr

Therefore, going through all these points, the bride should go for a trail day to have an idea about how she would look on the big day. From this, the bride will be able to know about any skin related problems and deal with the same before the wedding day. In this, the bride will be able to take care of the skin before the big day and help to maintain its original glow.

How to deal with skin issues?

If the bride is worried about skin related problems, she can discuss the same with salon expert who can guide on skin issues. In this way, it will help the expert to choose the right product for the bride.

5 Ayurveda facial Treatments for Real Brides to Look Radiant

Facial treatments are beneficial for the brides. Ayurveda treatment is the best option that helps to retain natural glow of the skin.

Ayurbeda facial in Bhubaneswar

Nothing can be better than an Ayurveda facial treatment for the multiple benefits that it brings in. According to research, Ayurveda balances mind, body, and soul together that will help to maintain health effectively. The Ayurveda treatment for the bridals has become popular these days. The designs are specially planned for the bridals. Since the wedding day is an important one and every woman wish to look the best on their big day and thus a little pampering will be worthy for the brides. Before opting for the treatment, it is better to take advice from an expert who will suggest the best treatment depending on the type of the skin.

Lepam – An herbal paste

This herbal paste is applied to the whole body of the bride and beneficial for the one who is suffering from skin problems such as dry skin issues, psoriasis, and others. Other ingredients like honey, rose water, milk can also be added to lepam. This paste gives a natural boost to the skin with a natural glow. In addition, skin problems such as acne, skin infections, pigmentations, and others can also be reduced with the help of lepam. If you are unable to get rid of the skin problems, this method is the ideal option before the bid day. You can look for Ayurveda facial in Bhubaneswar to get the best service.

Online Beauty Services Bhubaneswar

Pizhichil – a combination of oil massages and heat therapy

In this treatment, a cloth is soaked in lukewarm oil, and it is applied to the whole body, and thus this medicated oil is massaged over the body. Oil is applied to the body by intervals so that the oil is properly absorbed by the skin. Therefore, with the help of the treatment, the body can easily get rid of toxins and impurities. The Ayurveda facial in Bhubaneswar by bluedrake is the perfect one to get Ayurveda treatment. Moreover, this treatment helps to strengthen the muscles from within giving an excellent relaxing effect to the brides.


It is one of the best known Ayurveda treatments for the brides for the perfect natural glow on the skin. In this method, Navara rice is cooked cow’s milk and herbs, and it is turned into a paste-like consistency. The paste is converted into a clean cloth which is then applied to different body parts that lower stress enhances sweating. Additionally, nervous disorder and arthritis can also be treated with the help of this treatment.

Herbal Steam Bath

First herbal oil is applied, after which the body is exposed to herbal steam. It helps to produce sweat, and it helps to body to get rid of impurities. The steam bath helps to remove impurities from liver and kidneys. For increased body flexibility and hide inflammations, this process is the best option. This naturally helps to enhance the glow of the skin.

Luxury facial


The bride should get adequate rest with a soothing massage and thus applying Ayurveda oil on the hair and scalp will help to get rid of many ailments such as insomnia, lower problems of hair loss and others. By applying oil on the neck, shoulder, spine, the treatment will be able to help the bride relax.